National Living Wage: winners and losers

in Economy on April 24, 2016

Whether you’re directly affected by the introduction of the National Living Wage or not, you’ll almost certainly have heard of it.

It’s only been a legal requirement for a few weeks, but we’re already seeing a number of changes in the way businesses are resourcing and rewarding those staff who are now more expensive to employ.

Luckily, at this time of rising wage costs, Rotaready already has a range of cutting-edge tools to dramatically reduce the time you spend managing staff, rotas and budgets.

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Black & blue Friday

in Economy on November 30, 2015

You may love it, you may hate it. You may have bagged a bargain you didn’t even know you wanted. Either way, you can’t argue that since its full-scale introduction to the UK in 2013, Black Friday has marked the start of the busy festive shopping season.

Records tumble each year. Christmas presents (pun intended) the biggest opportunity in the business calendar. That said, it’s not all good news…

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Sunday: a day of rest?

in Economy on November 14, 2015

Sunday trading has always been contentious.

Since the Sunday Trading Act 1994, shops bigger than 280m2 (3,000ft2) – typically the size of a convenience store or independent shop – have been limited to 6 hours of trading on a Sunday (between 10am – 6pm).

Over here at Rotaready, we don’t run any shops (!) but many of our clients do. Before looking at what we can do to help, let’s take a look at the main arguments for and against relaxing the rules.

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Rights, regulation and risk

in Economy on October 09, 2015

The Working Time Directive (WTD) is an EU regulation governing workers’ rights. Ok, not the most interesting start to a blog post, but bear with me. This stuff is important.


Last month the European Court of Justice ruled that time spent by workers travelling to and from first and last appointments counts as working time. Long story short, many workers with no fixed office (e.g. care workers or tradesmen) aren’t getting paid for the time it takes them to get to their first appointment, or home from their last appointment, which will now need to change.

This piqued our interest as building the WTD regulations into Rotaready (so the requirements are automatically considered) is a feature we’ve recently developed.

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What next for zero hours contracts?

in Economy on August 27, 2015

If you’re familiar with zero hours contracts, you’ll be well aware of the on-going controversy. The debate hit a crescendo in the run up to the general election, with all parties putting forward proposals for curbing the widespread exploitation of workers.

Over here at Rotaready HQ, we’re keeping a close eye on what happens next, as any changes to the legislation will mean rotas will become tougher for businesses to build and manage. And helping businesses build and manage rotas is what we do best.

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