The clocks go back, Rotaready marches forward

in Announcements, Technology on October 23, 2016

Next week will mark a century since Daylight Savings Time (specifically British Summer Time, BST) was introduced in the UK.

The clocks changing every March and October actually mark a shift in timezone. In fact, timezones are one of a number of factors in what we call a ‘locale’ in Rotaready – and a locale defines the configuration of a particular region.

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Rota management software – Jack and master of all trades

in Announcements, Technology on March 13, 2016

A key design principle when we were building our rota management software was to ensure it’d be awesome in every industry, for businesses large and small. From hospitality to retail to healthcare to leisure and more, we offer a consistently great product, regardless of how many staff or sites an organisation may have. This contrasts with many of our competitors whose software is targeted at a certain market.

A few days ago, a prospective client asked me an interesting question, along the lines of: “Why should I choose Rotaready over rota management software built especially for my industry?”

The answer? The niche requirements of each industry are already supported in Rotaready. The software is already configured especially for the rigours of your sector. Moreover, Rotaready also offers you great features from other industries (at no extra charge) you didn’t even know you needed.

Now that’s quite a claim to back up – read on to see what I mean.

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Click, clock… getting time & attendance right

in Technology on January 03, 2016

Time & attendance (“T&A”) – capturing and processing staff clock ins and outs – has been one of our most in-demand features in recent months. In this article I’ll take you through the importance of getting T&A right, how we selected our approach, and why T&A’s real value lies in integration with the other facets of workforce management.

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